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Passionate about crafting experiences that are both beautiful and successful

I’m all about building relationships that drive results for the clients and people I believe in. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a vision, ready to scale your business, or just looking for something new – I’ve got the tools to make beautiful things happen.

If you’re passionate about making an impact, open to new ideas and creative approaches, and looking for an authentic, meaningful connection – look no further.



Hi, I'm Cayla!

Not only a die-hard cheese head, but I’m also the brand and web designer behind The Meraki Impact.
With over 10 years of business marketing and design experience, I thrive from helping entrepreneurs flaunt what they’ve got!  I make sure every piece of design I create for my clients aligns to their core business objectives, speaks to their audience and looks good in the process.
I’m an eternal optimist and see the potential in everyone, so I thrive on helping people smash their business goals. My mission? Empower you to build a standout brand and website that will ensure your success.
Ready to launch a brand and website you love? Of course you are!


Client Love Notes

"Cayla helped me bring my vision to life for Virtual Flow. She welcomed my ideas and was able to form an elegant color palette and logo for my business. She was wonderful to work with and did a lovely job executing it. I'm looking forward to working with her for future projects expanding Virtual Flow's brand design."
Melissa E
"Cayla does impeccable job with graphic design /company logos. She was able to listen to my ideas and elevate them to the next level. Her creative touch added life and color to my brand vision. I would highly recommend her graphic design company The Meraki Impact to any business owner looking to have their company logo stand out."



Doing something with soul, creativity, or love – when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.



A few things I'm into...


I want to really know your business. What do you stand for? What is your intention? Intention makes the difference between a pretty brand identity and one that has the power to convert. I want to understand the root of your business so that I can help you connect with your ideal customer and drive your business forward.

02 being creative

Some people are powered by coffee; I'm powered by creativity. So when you trust your brand in my little creative hands, it fills me up. I love working with clients who have a vision and brainstorming with them on how to implement it. The creative process is FUNl! Don't let it scare or overwhelm you. We're in this together.

03 Seeing you succeed!

Because really, isn't that what this is all about?


Passionate, committed businesses who have a vision for their project. Does that sound like you?


Custom brand and website design experiences for ambitious business owners with a vision.

Designing from Wisconsin

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